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C 1992 года в Вологодском государственном университете проходят курсы английского языка с американскими преподавателями международной организации "Educational Services International".

Почему стоит выбрать наши курсы:

  • обучение с преподавателями из США – носителями языка;
  • несколько групп для обучения в удобное для вас время;
  • доступная стоимость – всего 125 рублей за академический час;
  • интересная и грамотно построенная программа;
  • развитие индивидуальных навыков общения каждого;
  • возможность обучения с различным уровнем подготовки.

На наших курсах разговорного английского вы сможете научиться бегло говорить, понимать английскую речь и, наконец-то, преодолеть пресловутый языковой барьер.

Основные задачи курса разговорного английского языка:

  • устранение языкового барьера
  • постановка правильного произношения
  • расширение активного словарного запаса
  • улучшение восприятия англоязычной речи на слух
  • повышение беглости речи
  • развитие навыков общения на английском языке

Уровни обучения

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Мы обучаем в группе одновременно слушателей с разным уровнем подготовки. Минимальный уровень для обучения – Pre-Intermediate, поскольку все обучение проходит на английском языке. 

Не стоит бояться того, что кто-то в группе говорит и лучше Вас или хуже. Многолетний опыт наших курсов доказывает, что эта уникальная методика  работает.


Первый год обучения (General Course):

Группа Дни недели Время занятий

кол-во часов

Кто может обучаться
Группа А вторник и четверг с 9-00 до 11-00 160 ак. час слушатели с уровнем английского языка от среднего до продвинутого
Группа B           вторник и четверг с 16-00 до 18-00 160 ак. час слушатели с уровнем английского языка от среднего до продвинутого
Группа С  понедельник и среда с 18-00 до 20-00 160 ак. час слушатели с уровнем английского языка от среднего до продвинутого
Группа D  вторник и четверг с 18-30 до 20-30 160 ак. час слушатели с уровнем английского языка от среднего до продвинутого

Второй год обучения (Continuing Course):

Группа Е понедельник и среда с 18-00 до 20-00 80/160 ак.час.

слушатели, имеющие наш Сертификат  об успешном окончании курса General Course 

слушатели, обучающие по программе General Course в качестве дополнительных часов к основному курсу

Группа G вторник и четверг с 9-00 до 11-00  80/160 ак.час.  

Третий год обучения (Continuing Course - Advanced ):

Группа F вторник и четверг с 18-30 до 20-30 80/160 ак.час.

слушатели, имеющие наш Сертификат  об успешном окончании  программы второго года обучения

слушатели, обучающиеся по программе General Course в качестве дополнительных часов к основному курсу


I began to learn English at school. Boring lessons with lot’s of homework. All was not very clear to me. My teacher did not pay attention to it at all. My parents it seems didn’t think about the pleasure of understanding 500 million people more :) They didn’t speak to me about it. Only in the senior classes I have started to think whether there is another way to learn English? The child, starting to speak doesn’t learn separate words and grammar rules. He just perceives the language.

At the University we studied English only by translating tests and learning new words. It has widened my vocabulary, especially in the field of architecture. But I could make sentences only word by word.

When I had an interview for the American courses my brain boiled! I heard real foreign speech directed to me. And I understood! The problem was how to express what I wanted to answer or to say in my turn.

At courses the main problem for me was tests. I never was able to write them. I always forgot about them. It is a shame on me. I thought much, but spoke a little. Wished to ask much but asked a little. I am silent in Russian and I am silent in English. For studying language the habit of being silent is the main problem. It’s good that we were offered different themes to discuss in groups.

In general, it is good that there is such a program. I wish to tell MANY MANY THANKS for our teachers Amy and for Bradley for this year, for their brave desire to work in Russia. It became for me ”THE YEAR OF ENGLISH” . Each lesson was very interesting. I always feel their desire to work with students.  Lessons like games, it’s very good. In general there is a huge difference when you learn English with a Russian-speaking teacher and a native speaker. Now I don’t have any fear to speak English.

Светлана  Попова-Знаменская, студентка  ВоГУ


In my childhood I dreamed about traveling to see all famous places of the world. My dreams came true two years ago. I got a chance to go to the USA and to see with my own eyes a different country, different culture, life and many beautiful places. And I understood that I need to improve my English and I decided to take the English course with native American teachers. It was 8 months ago… our first lessons with Amy and Brad. The lessons differed from our ordinary lessons at the University. Our teachers Amy and Brad told about themselves and it was the first difference, because usually we didn't know anything about teachers. I think that this made the atmosphere of lessons friendly and open. It was absolutely new way of studying for me. The lessons were like a game. Teachers gave us new tasks and we did them with a big pleasure. During their classes we expressed our thoughts easily and were not afraid of making mistakes because we knew that the teachers would help us.

Very different people were studying in our group; they had different level of English. Some people studied English for work, somebody wanted to go to the USA, and somebody just did not want to lose their English knowledge. Every one had his own purposes. We discussed different topics, showed our knowledge and opinions. Recently I visited the lecture of one American architect. And thanks to my English course I understood everything he said.

I hope we will keep in touch with my classmates and teachers maybe by internet. And maybe life will give us a chance to meet again.

I think this course was a good experience for us. The modern world gives people a lot of information and new technologies, new opportunities. We need to learn international languages like English. If not, it limits your contact with the world.

Яна  Копытова, студентка  ВоГУ


"It is just few minutes and I will go... Who is that man? What will he ask me? Do I have a chance to study at this class?.."

Such kind of thoughts I’ve got before my first conversation with an American! And the first person I’ve spoken with was Brad. The conversation wasn’t too difficult! It was easy enough! Then I met Amy, the second teacher of our course, and her friend Laura. But the first conversation has become unforgettable for me.

Now the course is almost over, and when I remember the beginning, I can say, that it was a little bit unusual for me. Or it was rather amazing for me and for my classmates, I think. The first feature which I can emphasize is their way of teaching. Classes usually were given in a game form; there were a lot of conversations, moving, playing roles and other activities which reminded me some games. It was rather strange for me to communicate with unknown people, but thanks to these activities our group has become more friendly very soon. As for me, I found one more University group!

Amy and Brad are different people with their own characters, and this is one of the advantages of this course. It makes course more dynamic and fulfilled. Both of them have different ways of teaching, and I think thanks to this kind of teaching studying was fresh every day and was not a boring learning.

To my mind, it was very captivating to watch them while they were watching us. It attracts me, because I am interested in psychology, I like to watch people, to understand their characters. To my point of view to learn people is like a reading book, and this book is been written during communication. But these people are also the foreign culture keepers. That’s why the communication with them is much more interesting.

The first time when teacher understood me was like a miracle for me!

But the one important thing I’ve understood during this course is that foreigners will understand you in any case, no doubt. But if you want to speak well you have to work harder, to learn daily and get more practice. There are no borders to make your knowledge better - "Don’t be afraid of perfection, because it can't be achieved"- Salvador Daly said.

This statement is not only about language, it’s about life. Amy and Brad have taught me to be able to speak with foreigners...but indeed they taught me to be ready for something new in my life, to search my own way and to go on according to my way. So, good luck for everyone! And I want to say “Good bye” to my English teachers.

Александра Черняева, студентка ВоГУ


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